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RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tattoo:2417-4-A Fussa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo, Japan

RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tattoo:Contact
RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tattoo:Tel 042-843-8348

RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tattoo:safety

RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tatto:These are the ways that we insure cleanliness

Everything we use such as the grip, ink, and needle, are always thrown away after use. Every costumer will have brand new equipment every time to insure your saftey.
The tattoo machine, bed, and chair has covering that will be changed after each costumer and will be clean before a new covering will be placed. The reason for this is to insure no one is exposed to someone else's blood or germs and to keep everyone comfortable and clean.
We make sure the grip, needle, ink and cover are not exposed to the skin or air before it is used.

RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tatto:Final remarks

We want customers to understand that cleanliness is very important to us. If costumers feel that we are not sanitary, we understand that it can cause a lot of problems in the future. When getting a tattoo at RYU'S DESIGN CUSTOM TATTOO we want customers to feel safe, comfortable, and satisfied with what they are paying to have done. If you have any doubts or concerns about our cleanliness , please let us know so we can solve the issue ASAP!