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RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tattoo:price

RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tatto:Price

  • 11,000yen - Start Price
  • 11,000 Yen 1 hour for standard large-size tattoos (for example  full back, half sleeve, full sleeve, etc)
  • 12,000 Yen Japanse Classic (Ryuichiro)

※Prices may vary depending on design and size. Actual prices can only be given after consultation.

The actual price of your tattoo will be based on your design and size of your tattoo which will be explained while meeting with the artist. If you have already decided the design, size, and location of your tattoo, we can give you a price based on that information over the phone or e-mail.

RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tatto:Shop guidelines

Please read the following guidelines:

  • You must be 18 or older
  • No drug use, medication and alcoholic consumption within 24hours prior to your appointment.
  • No women during pregnancy
  • Will not accept rudeness
  • We will not accept requests from individuals affiliated with gang or mafia

For more information and/or details, please contact us.