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RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tattoo:process

RYU'S DESIGN Custom Tatto:Five steps to complete your tattoo

Step 1: Come to our shop to discuss your design so we can get a feel of the kind of tattoo you want.

If you already know what kind of tattoo you desire, please bring us a drawing or picture of that design. If you do not know what you want , and desire a tattoo, we have books of previous tattoo work to help you get a feel of what you might want. Once we establish the design that you have chosen, we will then draw that design for you. After you check the design that we have drawn and satisfies you, we will schedule your appointment.
(Note) If at anytime you change your mind about the design of your tattoo after you checked the drawing that we made for you, please come in anytime so we can discuss and make any changes that you want. We really want to insure quality into your design so please speak your mind. We want to make the best design and tattoo for you!

Step 2: Making a reservation

Once the design has been approved by both the customer and artist, and you have given us a day that you want your tattoo, we will then give you a date that we are free for your appointment based on our schedule.

Things you need to make an appointment:
  1. Identification Card
  2. 10,000 yen deposit

Note: The 10,000 Yen deposit is just for us to hold to make sure the customer will show up to the appointment. Once you show up, we will return the 10,000 Yen. But please understand that if you cancel your appointment 7 days prior or show up more then 30 minutes late, we will not return your deposit. We ask to please show up on time or cancel your appointment in a timely manner.

Step 3: Getting ready for the tattoo
Instructions before getting your tattoo:
  • Be in good condition
  • Get lots of sleep and no alcohol the night before your appointment
  • Please take a shower before your appointment
  • Eat before your appointment
  • If you have any questions or concerns please consult us. We would greatly appreciate it!
Step 4: Tattoo Session
What to expect during your appointment:
  1. We will sterilize and shave the area that you want your tattoo.
  2. We will then place a special sheet of paper that has your design The design will appear on the skin which is the skin portion of your tattoo area.
  3. Once we pull the sheet off and the outline of your design shows on the skin, we will have you sign the consent paper work after the desired area of your tattoo has been confirmed.
  4. The tattoo session will began. (lines, and shading)
  5. Once the tattoo session is over, we will sterilize that area again and give the proper padding.
Step 5: After care

After care is the most important step in keeping your tattoo looking fresh and neat. We will tell you the best way to take care of your tattoo during your appointment personally, so please ask us if you have any questions about after care. We will do our best to answer them!